School Council

The School Council at Brenzett CEP School is made up of two elected representatives from each class, one boy and one girl, who serve for two terms.

The purpose of the school council is to:

  • give pupils the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone;
  • enable pupils to work as partners with staff, developing a caring school community;
  • provide all pupils with opportunities to develop communication skills
  • involve pupils in solving problems and resolving conflicts

The school council meets twice each term, minutes are taken and it is the responsibility of the class representatives to talk to their class about what is discussed.

Members of Year Six take on responsibilities such as Chair, Treasurer, Clerk and supporting younger class representatives.

Recent decisions have included:

  • changing the lunchtime dining arrangements
  • the purchase of new playground equipment
  • organising the summer trip to the beach for the whole school
  • improvements to the hand driers in the toilets

Results of Parent & Children Questionnaire

Each year we ask parents questions based on the Ofsted questionnaire. The previous year's results (in brackets) are where comparable questions are used. The results of these annual questionnaires are use to make improvements to the school via the School Plan.

At various points in the year we will seek the views and opinions of our parents and other 'stakeholders' to help us improve what we do.