Medical Advice


If your child requires medicine during the school day please see the school office who will take details from you.

Scarlet Fever

Full information about scarlet fever can be found on the NHS website here. If you think your child may have scarlet fever please consult a GP, and make sure you inform the school if they are diagnosed. You need to keep your child off school for at least 24 hours after they begin their antibiotics, however if they are feeling unwell, or the GP advises differently, they may need to stay at home for longer.


Almost all primary school children suffer from headlice (or 'nits') at some point during their school life. We no longer send out letters to alert parents of an outbreak as this is such a common occurence, and also to avoid encouraging preventative treatment which can build up resistance to headlice. However further information on headlice and their treatment can be found here.